GPS Tracker Installation Guide

Do’s and Dont’s of GPS tracking installation
Do: Choose a mounting location high in the dash with no metal obstructions above the device.
Do: Make sure all wires are routed neatly throughout the dash. Do: Make sure to verify all connections with a multimeter.
Do: Make sure all connections are solid Do: Make sure that the vehicle is outside before you begin testing
Don’t: Mount the device under the steering column or in any other location where it can be easily discovered.
Don’t: Let the device hang loose in the dash, it should be mounted using double side tape or Velcro.
Don’t: Use Scotch Locks or T-Taps to make any connections.
Don’t: Ground the device to a bolt or screw that is used to secure a trim panel.
Don’t: Attempt to test the device inside of a garage or under a metal awning that can obstruct the antenna’s view of the sky.

Verify LED Status:
Blinking-searching for cellular signal.
Solid-cellular registered.
Blinking-searching for GPS signal.
Solid-GPS lock.

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