Handheld GPS for Marking Underground Water Pipes

Handheld GPS can be used to mark the exact location of underground water pipes. This is important to a multitude of water companies across Kenya. Traditionally, water pipes were located through guese work by digging up all over until you found the exact pipe. This was time consuming and wasteful. Today, with a GPS receiver, field patrollers can locate the exact location of  an underground water pipe.

A handheld GPS system is a tiny and compact GPS device utilized for navigating or pinpointing varied locations.

The construction of GPS receivers has changed phenomenally. Older, bulkier handheld GPS receivers are being replaced with a smaller pocket-sized GPS units.

GPS features may include:Availability of additional GPS softwareMap databaseVoice activated GPS

Waas technology

Reflectionless screen

Theft prevention functions

Option for personalized screen icons

wireless file transfer

Choosing a GPS for use in marking underground water pipes

The particular handheld GPS receiver you choose is personal and will depend on the type of gps software and gps mapping programs best suit your needs. The size of the receiver, its weight and the antenna are things that can affect the mobile GPS unit. What you want or need in these areas will determine what options will come with your choice of model. If you opt for the smaller, cell phone sized unit, you know the viewing screen will likewise be small. Be sure that you select a portable GPS receiver that has mapping capabilities, updateable software and the ability to download from your computer. You will also want to make sure that the unit you are considering is waterproof or water-resistant and it should also be shock resistant just in case it is subjected to being dropped. Asking the right questions will assist you in making sure you get the handheld GPS receiver that will fill your wants and needs and, at the same time, fit your budget.

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