Garmin GPS Mount

If you have misplaced or damaged your original Garmin GPS mount that came with your GPS, you can have it replaced with a new mount.

The design of the Garmin GPS mount is thin and sleek therefore it doesn’t take up much room on the dashboard. It is also very secure because the unit possesses friction mount that keeps it in place even when making difficult maneuvers on busy city streets or on crowded highways. The base holds the mount secure to the dashboard by gripping it tightly. Your respective GPS unit can be secured easily into the mount. The mount includes a ball attachment so you can easily adjust the mount to the best angle for you. This way you can easily view the screen and can make changes in destinations or routes while driving. Some of the models are attached by a bean bag and some even have a suction cup that attaches the unit to the windshield.

The Garmin mount is portable which is a very important feature. The unit can easily be removed from the dashboard of one car and can be secured onto the dashboard of another car. The unit works on almost all vehichles and specific mounts can be purchased if your car requires this. The mount also includes a arm that can be folded down and stored in your car. This unit is compatible with almost all Garmin GPS units including the nuvi series and streetpilot series. However there are some mounts that are specific to certain Garmin navigation units.

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