How To Get The Newest/Latest Garmin Map For East Africa

If you bought a a Garmin GPS with preloaded maps for East Africa (Kenya, Uganda,, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi) you are entitled to a free first time update.

Garmin provide a Free 90-day Map Update Guarantee whereby you can update the maps on your sat-nav to the latest version free of charge. The 90 days start from the date that your sat-nav first acquires a satellite fix.

The reason for this guarantee is that none of the sat-navs available in Kenyan shops or online stores contain the latest map information. The reason is simple. Map updates are released approximately once every 3 months while the manufacturing cycle from device production through distribution to stores is longer. Typically the maps preloaded onto a sat-nav can be between 6-24 months old. Availing of the free map update is therefore a must.

To avail of the free map update, you go to the Garmin website, set up an account for yourself under ‘myGarmin’ and register your device. Once you register the sat-nav you will be advised that an update is available.

Terms and Condition of Free Update

From Garmin Website

“You will qualify for the free map update(s) only if you connect your device to your computer and then visit either (i) prior to first using your device, or (ii) within 90 days of first acquiring satellites while driving with your device (the “First Satellite Fix”). If you qualify under one of these two conditions, then you will be entitled to receive one or more free map update(s) during the 90-day period following the date you connected your device to your computer and visited or the First Satellite Fix date. “

To Check whether your new Garmin GPS is entitled to a free update go to Enter your product serial number and wait for instructions.

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